Mehdi was born in a war-torn Afghanistan in the late 90s. At a very early age he and his family left their home country to live in Iran for safety reasons. Even with its relative security, settling in Iran was not an option as it was experiencing economic hardship. There were no prospects for education and therefore limited career options for Afghan immigrants. As a result, Mehdi’s father had embarked on an arduous journey to Australia on a boat seeking asylum. After some years following his acceptance into this country, his father successfully applied to bring Mehdi and his family to Australia.

Mehdi arrived in Sydney aged 7. He attended a public school in Auburn where he began learning English and adapting to a new culture. This setting was short-lived after his family later moved to Melbourne where they would permanently reside.

The range of his experiences so early in life developed Mehdi’s resilience and thanking persona. It led him to develop an interest in reason and debate. Consequently, he elected to undertake legal studies at school, which became his favourite subject and one in which he excelled.

Mehdi subsequently studied his Bachelor of Laws at Victoria University. Whilst there, his passion for applying what he had learned in class drove him to pursue mooting which involved arguing points of law. He joined the university moot program where he achieved a semi-finalist position in the Junior Moot. His later achievements involved winning the Senior Moot and also placing in the top 25 percent of universities in the prestigious Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot based in Vienna. His dedication led him to be offered a place in the Honours course for his degree where Mehdi wrote his first thesis on freedom of press and national security laws.

Mehdi’s passion for the law grew whilst at university and this compelled him to begin early industry experience at the Family Court of Australia shadowing a senior family law barrister. His work there inspired him to pursue family law as a career. Thereafter, Mehdi worked in a variety of law firms building his legal skills to support his vision of becoming a great family lawyer. A few years later he graduated university and commenced his Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice at the College of Law. He has now completed all of his qualifications and is currently in the process of being admitted as a lawyer in the Supreme Court of Victoria.

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