Child Support

If you separate from your spouse and have children, it is likely that one of you will have to pay child support to the other. Every parent has a legal duty to financially support their children, irrespective of the state of the relationship of the parents. Deciding how much you pay and the collection of the money is usually the job of the Child Support Agency (CSA).

Child support is the child’s right. It’s important to remember that the goal of child support is to provide children with a similar level of financial support that they would have had if their parents were still together. The amount of child support owed varies depending on how much time you spend with your child, as well as the income of both parents. Parents who have a shared care arrangement may find that minimal or no child support is owed.

While most parents use the CSA to resolve their child support issues, it is possible to enter into a variety of private child support agreements. The team at Vic Rajah Family Lawyers can help you with advice about child support issues and prepare child support agreements tailored to your needs.