Legal Fees

At Vic Rajah Family Lawyers we are committed to providing a transparent fee process for you.

Before making an appointment we will advise you of the hourly rate of the solicitor you choose to see. Solicitors have different charge-out rates depending on their experience and expertise.

We will help choose the right solicitor for you and your budget.

You will be given detailed information about the rates we charge and cost for estimates of your family law matter.

We send monthly accounts and you will be kept up to date of your ongoing costs. We also provide you with written information about your rights in relation to your legal costs. We will promptly answer any queries you have.

Various factors, but usually the conduct of the other party can cause legal fees to be affected. Our aim is to minimise your costs and disbursements as much as possible.

All disbursement or third party costs (such as barristers, forensic accountants, property valuers, family psychologists and so forth) will be discussed with you prior to engagement.

We usually require you to pay an amount of money which is held in trust on your behalf and will be allocated to costs and disbursements in your matter.

You will also need to sign various engagement documents which detail our charging and billing methods.

We have solutions to meeting your legal costs and we will discuss these with you to ensure you get the best legal advice to suit your case and budget. 

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