Adult child maintenance

In certain circumstances it is possible for a child who is over the age of 18 to obtain financial support from a parent. Either the parent or the child can apply for an adult child maintenance order against the other parent from the age of 17 years.

Adult child maintenance is only available in very specific circumstances. In order to apply for adult child maintenance the ‘child’ must fall within one of the following three categories:

• The adult child is completing their secondary or tertiary education – they are at high school, TAFE, university, or a course at a private college (apprenticeships may also be included); or

• The adult child has a serious illness; or

• The adult child has a physical or mental disability.

An adult child who is married or living in a de-facto relationship is not able to receive adult child maintenance.

Adult child maintenance is discretionary and is not a statutory right. It is highly dependent on the circumstances of the case.

At Vic Rajah Family Lawyers, one of our expert lawyers is able to make an assessment about whether your child may be eligible to receive adult child maintenance.