De Facto Couples

Vic Rajah Family Lawyers provides expert services to all types of families, including de facto couples. De facto couples are treated in an almost identical manner to married couples in the family law process. To be considered a de facto couple under the Family Law Act you must:

(i)       not be legally married to each other; and

(ii)      not be related by family; and 

(iii)     have a relationship as a couple “living together on a genuine 
          domestic basis.”

To decide whether you and your partner are, or were, in a de facto relationship the court will consider factors including the length of your relationship, the extent to which you shared a home, and how financially interdependent you were. 

If the court concludes that you were in a de facto relationship, the property rules that apply to married couples will effectively apply to your circumstances. 

Whether you were in a de facto relationship or not has no relevance to custody and access decisions. All decisions about children are made in their best interests, no matter what the relationship status of their parents.

At Vic Rajah Family Lawyers we are able to advise you about the status of your de facto relationship and assist you to determine and negotiate your prospective property settlement entitlements.