Resolving Disputes

There are two ways to resolve your family law problems:

• negotiate with your former spouse to come up with a solution that you both agree to, with the help of a lawyer or mediator (‘negotiation’);

• go to court and have a judge make a decision (‘litigation’).

The family law system strongly encourages separating couples to resolve their family law disputes through what is referred to as ‘family dispute resolution’, instead of going to court. Family dispute resolution is a method of resolving your divorce or separation that does not involve going to court. Examples include mediation and negotiation. At Vic Rajah Family Lawyers, we understand that navigating the family law system can be an emotional and challenging time. We will guide you through the process with sensitivity and compassion, while always seeking the best outcome for all concerned.

Often as a first step, clients will consult with one of our expert lawyers to obtain advice about their rights and entitlements.

Family law is a highly-specialised area and it is essential that clients are given the right advice before they engage in negotiation or litigation.