Vic Rajah Family Lawyers has experience working with transgendered children and their parents to access the essential medical treatment needed to transition. We recognise that these applications are often urgent and need to be treated with the greatest sensitivity.

Transgendered children usually go through two separate stages of treatment. The first stage involves the administration of hormone “blockers” that prevent puberty. The second stage, which usually commences when the child is approximately 16 years of age, involves the taking of hormones so that the child’s body enters the puberty of their chosen gender. Until recently, parents could not consent to either stage of treatment and had to seek the approval of the Family Court.

In November 2013, the Family Court decided that parents can consent to Stage 1 treatment and thus court approval is no longer necessary. However, young people seeking Stage 2 treatment must still go to the Family Court to demonstrate that they have the intellectual and emotional capacity to decide for themselves that treatment should commence. If the Court decides the child doesn’t have the capacity to decide for him or herself, Court approval must be sought. Vic Rajah Family Lawyers can provide the expert services needed to bring such an application.