Child Abduction


Your former spouse has taken your child to live overseas without your permission or the permission of the court. This is child abduction. What can you do?

If your child is abducted internationally by their other parent there is an international process that can be followed to have the child returned. Australia participates in this process because it has signed the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction. The Hague Convention provides a process through which the left-behind parent can seek to have the child returned to their home country. However, you can only apply under the Hague Convention to have your child returned if the country your child has been taken to has also signed the Convention. Many countries have not.

If your child is abducted internationally, Vic Rajah Family Lawyers can help you work with International Social Service (ISS) Australia, an organisation funded by the Australian government to assist parents file applications to have abducted children returned.

If you have concerns that your child is at risk of abduction, the team at Vic Rajah Family Lawyers can act to obtain airport watch list orders preventing the removal of the child from Australian airports or ports without your consent and injunctions restraining the removal of the child from the Commonwealth of Australia.