After parents separate, one of them might want to move to be closer to family, to pursue a new job opportunity or to live with a new partner. Sometimes parents may already have a parenting order or agreement in place, but after several years one of them decides to move. Will they be allowed to relocate?

Relocation cases can be some of the hardest cases in family law. People often have good reasons for moving, but the move may dramatically change the child’s relationship with their other parent. There are no strict rules about whether a parent can move or not. Instead, the judge decides what is in the best interests of the child, with significant attention given to the current arrangement between the parents and the child’s relationship with each parent. At Vic Rajah Family Lawyers, we are able to advise you about the pros and cons of a potential relocation concerning your or your former partner. We are able to present your case to the Court knowing that we have a formidable track record in achieving moves in challenging circumstances and also preventing relocations where this may have adversely impacted on a child’s relationship with a parent.