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It is never an easy decision to separate from someone, and the process can be made even more difficult when it is on bad terms. In order to help you through this time, our team of separation lawyers at Vic Rajah Family Lawyers are experts in a number of avenues surrounding family law, including separation or divorce.

The concept of separating, for family law purposes, means the ending of a marriage or a de facto relationship. If this applies to your situation, then we can help you through the difficult process to add some ease through this tumultuous time.

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The decision to separate is pivotal and prior to separating, many individuals choose to get some preliminary legal advice about their rights and entitlements when separation is affected. The team at Vic Rajah Family Lawyers can provide this advice. It is not necessary to obtain the consent of the other party when making the decision to separate. It is however, important to communicate the decision to separate to the other party and to act on that intention, for example moving out of the same home, the division of finances and home duties and advising third parties.

It is possible for parties to separate yet still live under the one roof. This particular course is an essential element in allowing arrangements to be made for the care and welfare of the children of the de facto relationship or marriage, and to affect a property settlement. Separation must also be affected if a party is seeking child support or spousal maintenance from the other. To apply for a divorce in the future, it is necessary for married couples to be separated for a period of at least 12 months. At Vic Rajah, our Melbourne separation lawyers will help you understand all the legalities surrounding your specific situation, allow you to have expert knowledge around your separation and armed with the best advice moving forward.

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