If you separate from your spouse and have children, it is likely that one of you will have to pay child support to the other. Every parent has a legal duty to financially support their children, irrespective of the state of the relationship of the parents. Deciding on how much you are required to pay or eligible to receive is usually determined by the Department of Human Services (Child Support Agency). This process is in place to protect your children’s right to enjoy a fair and reasonable standard of living. It is important to remember that the goal is to provide children with a reasonable level of financial support that they would have had if their parents were still together. At Vic Rajah Family Lawyers, we provide advice concerning child support issues and also prepare Agreements tailored to your children’s unique financial needs.

When a child turns 18 years or completes secondary school, they will not be eligible to receive child support. They may due to a physical or mental incapacity or by undertaking tertiary studies have an eligibility to receive adult child maintenance.

The team at Vic Rajah Family Lawyers are able to advise about the circumstances which may give rise to ongoing financial support for adult children.